The NGI Explorers Program sponsors immersive missions to the United States for Top European Internet researchers and innovators, providing them with the skills, the network and the resources to accelerate their ambitious ideas. The program seeks to empower these change-makers to position Europe into the powerhouse of the Next Generation Internet.

NGI Explorers


GOAL – launch Europe’s best minds into a transformative journey to catalyze the success of their ambitious ideas fueled by disruptive technology.

  • 3 or 6-month experience in an American organization partnering the program (US Exchange Node) that will integrate the Explorer in their team and will support the co-creation phase
  • 1+ Million EUR to support 40+ Explorers throughout 3 years
  • 100% Sponsored. Financial support for travel and subsistence will be provided through grants supported by the European Commission through the Next Generation Internet initiative
  • Training sessions and mentor feedback will be available to articulate and spur the ideas in the most efficient way
  • Europe’s most powerful network of Internet leaders. Connect with the rest of Explorers of the program to share experiences, collaborate and even create new partnerships
  • Opportunities for public and private funding schemes and business development will be supported for the most promising ideas
  • Awards to the best Explorers at the end of each batch

The program is operated by 3 partners experienced in creating unique value propositions for Europe: F6S (United Kingdom), interinnov (France) and Zabala Innovation Consulting (Spain).

NGI Explorer coordinator: Iwa Stefanik <[email protected]>
Info email: [email protected]

Twitter: @NGI_Explorers