NGI Search

The NGI Search project is a European project designed to support entrepreneurs, tech-geeks, developers, and socially engaged people,  who are capable of challenging the way we search and discover information and resources on the internet.

This is a difficult, yet very important field of research, development and innovation, as today, users of the internet are mostly relying on services provided by non-transparent organisations potentially violating privacy and trust.


With five European partners contributing to the project, NGI Search will organise five Open Calls for innovative projects whereby selected applicants will benefit from the financial support of up to 150,000€ as well as technical, business and innovation support over 12 months, to develop solutions that change the way we use and experience, search & discover data and resources in general on the internet and on the web. This includes:

  • A new voice and image-based user interfaces for searching and representing data.
  • Heterogeneous data sources include IoT, semantic data, multimedia, social media and traditional websites.
  • New ML and NLP methodologies in a generic context.
  • Specific use cases such as industry 4.0, health, social media, etc.

Topics eligible for funding will be listed in each NGI Search Open Call’s Work Programme, available on the NGI Search website.

NGI Search is driven by a group of five organisations:

  • Aarhus University, which offers its business development support in the field of digital technologies in internet services to the consortium for mentoring and added value services.
  • FundingBox, the go-to funding platform for entrepreneurs and European leaders in managing Financial Support to Third Parties.
  • The University of Murcia, a big-sized University and the ANTS research group from the Faculty of Informatics participate in NGI Search.
  • Linknovate Science,  a Spanish-based startup and is bringing to NGI Search its core know-how in expert search and innovation scouting.
  • OW2, a global open source software community organisation.

If you would like to know more about the project, visit the NGI Search website.

NGI Search Coordinator: Mirko Presser

Email: [email protected]


Twitter: @NgiSearch

NGI Search Linkedin:

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