The NGI_TRUST open calls aim to:

  • Engage a variety of players (newcomers to H2020 are encouraged!);
  • Explore pre-selected privacy & trust enhancing topics (defined with support an advisory board) critical to building a human centric Internet

NGI_TRUST will support third-party projects working in the following areas:

  • Better management of consent, to give more control to the user of their data when accessing and using services.
  • Technical innovation in privacy enhancing technologies, such as cryptography, federated identity, security and privacy for IoT, privacy-enhancing data transports and data at rest.
  • The application of artificial intelligence/machine learning/neural networks to serve the user’s interests.
  • Bootstrapping trust at the protocol level, to maintain a trustable Internet Infrastructure.

An indicative list of possible areas of concern/opportunities (specific topics) is provided below:

  • With a view to next generation certificates, how can European grid certificate authorities build up user-friendly mechanisms that promote a changed user experience and awareness and addresses forms of identity that comply with EU law and or meet specific European needs.
  • DNS-based security of the Internet Infrastructure (DNSSEC, DOH approach), given the need to reinforce trust in a world of “deep fake”.
  • Quantum-resistant cryptography and methods towards mitigating quantum computing attacks.
  • Reinforcing reputation systems and thereby enhance the potential to measure the value of personal data and transparency while respecting GDPR principles.
  • Pilot implementation of specifications, standards, acceptance criteria and measurement frameworks for new identifiers, for instance:
    • Mobile Driving Licenses;
    • Delegation in the context of ID;
    • eID and authentication services to support, for instance student mobility and access to educational services, thin file individuals, disabled users, refugees, non-digital natives, lost identities due to natural disasters etc.
  • Solutions that enable the user to more easily and uniformly set preferences or terms such as machine-readable privacy terms (IEEE – P7012) and technologies that help to reduce the risk that GDPR is misused to further exploit/ complicate the user experience.
  • Services and technologies that enhance transparency, user intervenability, and accountability in data processing.

NGI_TRUST is organising three rounds of open calls:

  • 1st call (February-April 2019) to attract a broad mix of projects including a larger number of early-stage ‘feasibility’ studies.
  • 2nd call (opened from 1 October 2019) and a 3rd call (scheduled to open in February 2020) will aim to build on 1st phase projects (larger second round funded projects following on from smaller pilot/feasibility projects) but also attract additional players with scalable projects in specific fields, industries or verticals.

NGI_TRUST Open Call third-party projects

Three types of third-party projects will be awarded funding:

  • Type 1 (viability): up to € 75,000 per project from NGI_Trust, no matching funds required. The objective is to explore and assess the technical feasibility and/or commercial potential of a breakthrough innovation that aims at enhancing privacy and trust for the NGI. Activities can include conceptual development, risk assessment, market study or intellectual property management of a new technology or service, or a new application of existing technologies. Indicative duration: 6 months.
  • Type 2 (execution): up to €150,000 per project from NGI_Trust and matching funds of up to €75,000 (2/3 – 1/3 model). The objective is to fund R&D or technology development projects underpinned by a strategic plan and feasibility assessment (which can be, but need not be, developed through a Type 1 project funded by NGI_Trust). Indicative duration: 6-9 months.
  • Type 3 (transition to commercialisation): up to €200,000 per project from NGI_Trust and the equivalent in matching funds (50/50). These projects should pursue the commercialisation of a privacy and trust enhancing innovation for the NGI (which can be, but need not be, developed through a Type 2 project funded by NGI_Trust). Indicative duration: up to 12 months.

Interested in applying?

The call opened on 1 October 2019.

For the second open call, the call text, application form and detailed guidance for applicants will be now available here or downloadable below.

  • Expected duration of projects: from 6 to max 12 months
  • Maximum amount of financial support for each third party: €200 000 Call identifier: NGI_TRUST 2019002 call
  • Language in which proposal should be submitted: English
Applications should be received by 1 December 2019 at 18:00 CET

The NGI_TRUST consortium will organise a number of webinars and be present at a number of events during the period October-November 2019 to discuss with interested applicants.

Please check the NGI_TRUST open call wiki pages & follow our twitter account @NgiTrust if you would like to register for one of these sessions.

For further information, please contact the NGI_TRUST support team