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Diversity-aware Hybrid human artificial intelligence

The increase in social media and Internet users’ exposure to diversity has not come with new instruments and skills to deal with it, despite the invariable impact that diversity has on human lives. This workshop — which will take place within the 2nd International Conference on Hybrid Human Artificial Intelligence (HHAI 2023) on June 26-27 — seeks to promote richer and deeper social interactions by enabling the Internet of Us, a Hybrid Human-Artificial Intelligence online platform, where human social relations are mediated and empowered by diversity-aware Artificial Intelligence. Read the WeNet manifesto here.

How NGI supports open, interoperable, decentralised and trust-based Internet applications through Fediverse projects like Mastodon

Within the Next Generation Internet Initiative, we have been working towards alternative futures for the internet to create a resilient, trustworthy and sustainable
internet. These alternate futures have one thing in common: they are based on technology commons: open standards, free and open source software and hardware, and open data.

Future internet event
High-level multi-stakeholder event on the Future of the Internet

The event, organised by the European Commission in collaboration with the Czech Presidency to the Council of the EU, will bring together representatives from the global multi-stakeholder community to promote the overarching European vision for the Internet and share solutions to implement the principles enshrined in the Declaration on the Future of the Internet (DFI).