EC Calls

This page is dedicated to all EC calls related to the NGI Initiative. Get more detailed information about the two ongoing NGI calls in the current WP 2018-20.

The Participants’ Portal is the place to get more information about how to participate. Please submit your proposal by 17 April 2018.

ICT 24 Next Generation Internet – An Open Internet Initiative

ICT 31 EU-US collaboration on NGI

Please find the European Commission’s slides (pdf) about the NGI initiative, the idea behind including a deep-dive into the calls above. To watch the recording of the whole webinar session please click here.

Download the FAQ ICT-Proposers’ Day 2017 document for any further information.

Other Calls related to NGI:

A number of technological trends will thoroughly reshape the internet over the next 10-15 years. Europe should drive this technology revolution while contributing to making the future internet more human-centric. An internet for the people, that contributes to a more sustainable and inclusive society.

Increasingly these technological trends influence each other and a programme targeted towards the Next Generation Internet must consider them in a holistic way.

Interactive Technologies

Future Interactive Technologies will allow users to access, process and deliver information in more natural, efficient and less intrusive ways, providing enhanced and personalized experiences.

ICT-25-2018-2020: Interactive Technologies
1st CSA to build the community. (3Mio, April 2018)
2nd RIA to develop better tech. (20Mio, Nov 2019)

Artificial Intelligence

Advances in Artificial Intelligence are critical to turn information into knowledge and to embed autonomy and intelligence into networks, robots and other connected devices.

ICT-26-2018-2020: Artificial Intelligence
RIA: Building a European AI on-demand platform (20Mio,April 2018)

Internet of Things

Internet of Things technologies and applications are changing the way users, services and applications interact with the real world environment in a trusted way.

ICT-27-2018-2020: Internet of Things
CSA:  evaluate security and privacy concepts (1,5Mio, April 2018)

Future social networks, media and platforms

Future social networks, media and platforms will transform the way we produce, consume and interact with content, services and objects, within and across users’ groups and will become the way our societies operate for communication, exchange, business, creation and knowledge acquisition.

ICT-28-2018: Future Hyper-connected Sociality
IA: Content verification & Secure Data Ecosystem (10Mio, April 2018)
RIA: new Social Media initiatives (10Mio, April 2018)
CSA: Support of Social Media ecosystem community building (1Mio , April 2018)

A multilingual and inclusive Next Generation Internet

The Next Generation Internet will be multilingual and inclusive. Advances in language technologies will help eliminate language barriers. NGI technologies will also help to provide a new quality in Digital Learning as smart, open, inclusive and personalised learning solutions will be tailored to each individual’s needs, competences and abilities.

ICT-29-2018: A multilingual Next Generation Internet
IA: and interoperable grid connecting resources and tools  (7Mio, April 2018)
RIA: Domain-specific/challenge-oriented  (18 Mio, April 2018)

ICT-30-2019-2020: An empowering, inclusive Next Generation Internet
IA: Digital Learning Incubator for personalised and inclusive digital learning (7Mio, March 2019)
CSA: stimulate the collaboration, identify: a) emerging research challenges,  (1 Mio, March  2019)