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This page is dedicated to the slides and presentations related to the NGI Initiative.


Empowering Women in Tech

NGI projects’ contribution to technological developments of DNS and naming systems

  • Privacy Enhancements for PowerDNS and DNSdist (PDF)
    Alexander ter Haar (Open-Xchange)
    Encryption in DNS is gaining traction. One project is working to enhance the privacy for DNS, one of the last remaining ‘non-encrypted’ protocols.
  • (PDF)
    Leif Johannsson (Sunet)
    The CrypTech project is making the internet safer by developing an open hardware security model that will cover multiple needs.
  • Id-xover InternetWide Identity through Realm Crossover (PDF)
    Rick van Rein (internetwide)
    InternetWide’s goal is to get more internet technology to end-users (such as the ability to have your own domain in your name).
  • GNU Name System (PDF)
    Christian Grothoff (Bern University of Applied Sciences)
    How GNUnet, a network protocol stack for building secure, distributed and privacy-preserving applications, aims to build a new internet.
  • Namecoin: ZeroNet and Packaging and Core Infrastructure (PDF)
    Jeremy Rand (
    NameCoin, an experimental open-source technology to improve the security, privacy and speed of certain internet infrastructure components.

NGI FORUM 2021 (NGI4ALL | report)

Workshop 1 – Where next for online identities

Oskar van Deventer, Senior Scientist Blockchain Networking, at TNO – Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (download the slides here)

Workshop 2 – Mind meets machine: harnessing collective intelligence

Katja Henttonen, Project Manager E-Democracy, City of Helsinki (download the slides here)

Workshop 3 – NGI trust Marks

Katja Bego, Principal Researcher Nesta, Coordinator NGI Forward, and Harry Armstrong, Head of Technology Futures Nesta, NGI Forward (download the slides here)

Introduction to NGI