NGI Forum


31 Oct: NGI: The European Vision for 2025

At the NGI Forum Georgios Tselentis, Scientific Project Officer at European Commission, spoke about the Next Generation Internet as resilient, reliable and ready for all Europeans.  An internet that is human centric and at the service of people and …


19 Oct: NGI Forum report

The NGI Forum took place in Barcelona on September 13th, 2017. With more than 160 registered attendees, 92 contributors from 18 different countries, 15 speakers, and three parallel working sessions, the Forum engaged active participants in the Next Generation Internet …


14 Sep: First Highlights from the NGI Forum 2017

The NGI Forum 2017 has been a great success: with more than 160 registered people, 15 speakers, 92 contributors in place from 18 different countries and 3 parallel working sessions, it has engaged active players from the Next Generation Internet …