NGI's effort to support Women in Tech

07 Mar: Advancing Equity: NGI research on Empowering Female Innovation in the Digital Age

The Next Generation Internet is a European Commission funded initiative that facilitates, funds, enables, and promotes the shift towards a safe, human-centric, and inclusive internet through the development of digital commons. As part of this journey, NGI is committed to addressing the current gender gap that exists in open source, and more generally within the software development landscape. While celebrating International Women’s Day, we share in this post some of the work being carried out to address these issues as part of a wider effort to promote equity, diversity and inclusion across all elements of the NGI ecosystem.

Digital commons: the driver of high-tech advancement

06 Dec: High-Level Expert Webinar: Digital Commons and Digital Sovereignty

Digital Commons are among the core assets to pursue Europe’s Digital Sovereignty. Several initiatives and calls for actions are gaining traction, striving to bring real benefits to individuals and organisations by ensuring open, inclusive and decentralised access to digital resources in line with the core principles and action of the Next Generation Internet (NGI) Initiative.