30 May: Don’t miss next NGI events

How can we bring a realistic positive story that accepts that techno-political influence and agency/power is already here, and needs to be debated with new terms and concepts? What language, visuals, channels and ‘politics’ is needed?

05 June 2019 | 
NGI Open Calls: webinar series

11 Mar: The What, Why and How of NGI Open Calls.

A series of Webinars for the Italian, Spanish and Irish communities

From €5,000 to €200,000: New funding opportunities for researchers and innovators – following the Horizon 2020 cascade funding mechanisms – are now open to build a better Internet. A


06 Feb: Get funding to join the Next Generation Internet

The Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative has launched four new Open Calls. The calls provide funding opportunities for cutting-edge Research and Innovation in Next Generation Internet (NGI) technologies.

NGI’s four new open calls offer support to talents from academic research …


13 Dec: ICT2018 VIENNA – NGI workshop with teenagers

How will we do business and politics in 2035? A NGI workshop with teenagers

On December 5, the NGI booth at ICT2018 hosted three unusual presentations delivered by 14-year-old students from two high schools in Vienna. Although fictional, the students’ …