30 May: Don’t miss next NGI events

How can we bring a realistic positive story that accepts that techno-political influence and agency/power is already here, and needs to be debated with new terms and concepts? What language, visuals, channels and ‘politics’ is needed?

05 June 2019 | 
NGI Open Calls: webinar series

11 Mar: The What, Why and How of NGI Open Calls.

A series of Webinars for the Italian, Spanish and Irish communities

From €5,000 to €200,000: New funding opportunities for researchers and innovators – following the Horizon 2020 cascade funding mechanisms – are now open to build a better Internet. A


06 Feb: Get funding to join the Next Generation Internet

The Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative has launched four new Open Calls. The calls provide funding opportunities for cutting-edge Research and Innovation in Next Generation Internet (NGI) technologies.

NGI’s four new open calls offer support to talents from academic research …


13 Dec: ICT2018 VIENNA – NGI workshop with teenagers

How will we do business and politics in 2035? A NGI workshop with teenagers

On December 5, the NGI booth at ICT2018 hosted three unusual presentations delivered by 14-year-old students from two high schools in Vienna. Although fictional, the students’ …


09 Nov: Future challenges in human-machine communication

Leading internet researchers engaged in the NGI debate

By Anne Henriksen, PhD fellow, Aarhus University

When the annual AoIR conference took place this October, NGI was involved in the preconference workshop “Human-Machine Communication in the Next Generation Internet”, which engaged


24 Sep: NGI Forum 2018 – The report

The second annual Next Generation Internet Forum (NGI Forum 2018) took place on 13 September 2018 in Porto, Portugal. The event was a great success, with more than 300 registered participants including several high-level representatives from the European …