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All you need to know to better communicate online

Ecosystem and branding

The objective of this first introductory training session is fourfold:

  • to get to know each other and discuss your expectations;
  • to present the structure of the training programme as well as its objectives, the topics covered, the format, the timetable, and the deliverables you will receive;
  • to present the NGI communication ecosystem in a comprehensive way;
  • to communicate the NGI brand guidelines, and help you implement them while creating your own flavour.

Date: 11th January 2023
Time: 11.00h CET

A communication strategy is the foundation of any communication project. Defining exactly where you want to go and how to get there is the only way to make a communication initiative truly successful.

This module presents the basis of a sound strategy, and the essential questions it raises: why (objectives), who (target audiences), what (messages), where (communication channels), when (planning) and how (resources & tools).

Of course, it explains how to provide the most relevant answers.

25th January 2023
Time: 11.00h CET

Communicating is all about storytelling. But what is a good story, its essential ingredients, and above all, why and how do we tell good stories?

This training session provides clear, concrete answers to these questions, with numerous examples taken from all fields.

Beyond the theory, which often refers to famous storytellers, trainees discover how yesterday’s storytelling techniques are still valid in today’s world of digital communication.

Date: 1st February 2023
Time: 11.00h CET

Content strategy

A content strategy is about translating communication goals into a plan that uses content as the primary means of linking your objectives with user needs.

This module presents all the disciplines to be mastered and the dozen steps to follow for developing a killer content approach.

The training is abundantly illustrated with best practices, which are customised according to the trainees’ identities, while providing many practical tips & tricks.

Date: 22nd February 2023
Time: 11.00h CET

User-centred websites

A dozen years ago, many experts claimed that the Web was dead. Today we know that is untrue. Although the Web’s main function has changed in the Internet’s wider ecosystem, no company or institution can go without it.

Therefore, identifying the complementarities of the Web vis-à-vis other channels is essential to developing websites that pack a punch!

This training session presents the seven main steps to follow to develop, maintain, promote and operate a website fully aligned with current uses and expectations.

1st March 2023
Time: 11.00h CET

In the digital communication world, if you don’t exist in Search Engines you don’t exist at all.

Optimising content for improved referencing is a hyper-complex alchemy, which requires multiple skills ranging from content production to technical fine-tuning. This module lists all possible methods used to improve a website’s referencing, all the while remembering that writing for the Web means writing for humans and algorithms.

8th March 2023
Time: 11.00h CET

An engagement strategy is one of the most critical aspects in today’s online world, where the insane profusion of content on social networks usually makes content publishers invisible.

The goal here is to master the different methods of creating strong and committed communities.

This session presents the six core elements of engagement, including the concept of customer journey, methods used to build, grow and leverage a community, and smart community engagement rules. This session also covers most of the online marketing techniques that are structured around Search Engine Marketing (SEO, SEA, Display Ads…) and Social Media Marketing (SMO, SMA…).

Date: 15th March 2023
Time: 11.00h CET

Engagement tactics

Engagement tactics on social networks are arguably the most rapidly evolving area in online communication.

This training session lists some 25 tactics currently used to engage audiences, mainly on social media, according to their characteristics.

Depending on the social channels used, operational tips will be tailored for their specific features and complementarities. Finally, this session reviews the major current and emerging trends, across all channels and sectors of activity.

Date: 22th March 2023
Time: 11.00h CET


This more technical module presents the functionalities of six analytics platforms: Google Analytics, Matomo, Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, LinkedIn Analytics and Instagram Analytics.

Participants learn the metrics used to understand user behaviours, but more importantly how to interpret them to validate a strategy’s consistency (business objectives, goals, KPIs, target numbers and audience dimensions) and the evolution of results (traffic, engagement rate, sentiment analysis…) over time.

Date: 29th March 2023
Time: 11.00h CET

Online pitching

This training session has been specifically developed for start-ups that need to present their projects and convince their audience (partners, investors, prospects…) of its quality in a few minutes.

Trainees learn the key qualities of a good online pitch, alongside its essential and optional components.

Naturally, pitching is about storytelling again, presentation quality and personal performance, but most importantly, the tips & tricks that transform a classic presentation into an original, interesting, convincing and memorable pitch.

Date: 5th April 2023
Time: 11.00h CET


GDPR has totally disrupted the Web, guaranteeing users’ rights over their private data, and forcing organisations dealing with such personal data to respect strict principles and rules. Many organisations believe that they know what the GDPR is, and that they are compliant with it. However, they are often mistaken.

GDPR is indeed a complex and subtle legal topic made up of 99 articles that are almost impossible for the average person to fully understand.

The NGI Outreach Office offers you a very clear, synthesised and comprehensive training session which will enable you to know if you have already done things well, or if you need to do even better.

Date: 12th April 2023
Time: 11.00h CET

Every day, new communication channels appear. Some are so successful that they destabilise the existing players, others disappear as quickly as they appeared. New concepts are constantly emerging, supposedly revolutionising the Web of today and tomorrow: the blockchain, in which NGI is a key player, NFTs, the metaverse, artificial intelligence… But what is all this really? Should communicators be interested? Certainly. Should they adopt them? Nothing is less certain.

This training session, at the cutting edge of emerging trends and technologies, will enable you to better understand what is at stake, and to make the most informed decisions in this field.

Date: 26th April 2023
Time: 11.00h CET

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