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NGI presents the “NGI Communication Training”,
a digital communication training programme that rocks!

The NGI Outreach Office offers you a comprehensive and personalised digital communication training programme.

Whether you are a direct actor in the NGI initiative (CSA or RIA) or an innovator funded by NGI, doing without excellent online communication today is unthinkable. Identifying the best European projects to be funded, or promoting your innovations, solutions or products is essentially a matter of the Web, social networks and even videoconferences.

However, relevant, original and effective digital communication cannot be improvised. It requires a range of knowledge and experience that should be acquired as soon as possible during your project life cycle.

If you think that it will take you ages to become an excellent digital communicator, you are wrong.

A dozen training sessions are indeed enough to properly master the essentials of online communication with these very rich, hyper-operational and yet concise courses run by the NGI Outreach Office.

What will you learn?

The NGI Outreach Office’s commitment is to provide you with top-notch, no-nonsense, entertaining e-learning courses, which will facilitate your communication tasks through effectiveness and fun.

You will not learn everything about digital communication, but more than enough to enable you to get and stay up to date with the issues, working methods, trends and developments in the sector in no time.

  • How to define and develop sound communication, content and engagement strategies
  • How to tell great multichannel stories
  • How to design and animate a stunning website
  • How to promote your communication channels through SEO & online marketing
  • How to understand and exploit analytics
  • How to deliver better online presentations and killing business pitches
  • How to make your communication ecosystem fully GDPR-compliant
  • How to potentially exploit emerging concepts and platforms, and
  • How to adopt and fiercely promote the Next Generation Internet brand image

Who is this for?

This training programme is exclusively reserved for NGI projects (CSAs & RIAs) as well as any entity (start-up, individual, organisation…) that receives NGI funding.

We will ask you to mention the identity of the project you are part of when you register.

Where and when do the training sessions take place?

You need to acquire this knowledge and these skills as soon as possible in the life cycle of your project. That’s why the NGI Outreach Office runs this training cycle in just three months.

Training sessions are run every Wednesday at 11.00 a.m. sharp on Jitsi.

The sessions last about 90 minutes, long enough to cover the proposed topics, and short enough not to take up too much of your time. Each session ends with an exchange of experiences and an open discussion about your concrete communication problems, as well as an evaluation of the quality of the training you just received.

Your prior registration is required

Who will be your trainer?

Tipik Team, partner of the NGI Outreach Office curates the NGI Training Programme. Most of the trainings will be delivered by Philippe Félix, expert in digital communication and trainer.

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