The NGI Data Portability and Services Incubator (DAPSI) empowers internet innovators to develop human-centric technologies in the Data Portability field.

DAPSI goal is to make significantly easier for citizens to have any data which is stored with one service provider transmitted directly to another provider, addressing the challenge of personal data portability on the internet, as foreseen under the GDPR.

DAPSI will support up to 50 teams through a 9-month incubation programme where experts in diverse fields will provide a successful working methodology, access to top infrastructure, training in business and data related topics, coaching, mentoring, visibility, and a vibrant ecosystem. On top of that, each DAPSI team will receive up to 150k€ equity-free funding, distributing a total amount of 5.6M€ through three open calls.

DAPSI offers to the selected projects:

  • Up to €150.000 per team


  • Coaching and continuous follow-up
  • On-site & online tutorials
  • FIWARE Lab Infrastructure
  • Business coaching
  • On-site & online training
  • Community building with industry and investors
  • Media promotion
  • Access to top events

The project is operated by 6 experienced partners that will involve the selected teams in a vibrant ecosystem: Zabala Innovation Consulting (Spain), Cap Digital (France), Engineering (Italy), F6S (Ireland), Fraunhofer IAS (Germany), IMT Starter (France).

NGI DAPSI coordinator: 
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Twitter: NGI_DAPSI
Linkedin: ngi-dapsi
Facebook: NGI.DAPSI