eSSIF-Lab | European Self-Sovereign Identity Framework Lab

eSSIF-Lab is a project funded by the European Commission and aims to advance the broad uptake of SSI as a next generation, open and trusted digital identity solution for faster and safer electronic transactions via the Internet, as well as in real life.

In this project, 5,6M€ EU funds will be made available to European innovators including academic research groups, SME’s and start-ups that want to build or improve SSI (Self-Sovereign Identity) components. The aim of the eSSIF-Lab is to create a range of interoperable, open-source SSI components that will be used within Europe and possibly world-wide



Are you active in the field of identity and electronic transactions? Are you interested in receiving funding to further develop, integrate and test technologies for self-sovereign identity? Or can you use funding and support to integrate these technologies within your market proposition? Then we would like to invite you to apply to the open calls that will be published starting March 2020.

There are two types of open calls:

  • Infrastructure Open Calls: Aimed at European corporations and organisations that work on open-source development of components for SSI infrastructure,
  • Business Open Calls: Aimed at European start-ups or SME’s that develop commercial SSI software and services.

The consortium is formed by the following partners: TNO, FundingBox, GRNET and BLUMORPHO.

eSSIF-Lab coordinator: Oskar Vandeventer <[email protected]>
Info email: [email protected]
Community website:

Twitter: @EssifL
LinkedIn: essif-lab

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