NGI Assure: reinforcing the European blockchain ecosystem to develop a more human internet

The internet lies at the heart of our modern economies and societies, but it was not designed to be used in the way we use it now. Additional innovations are needed, in particular, to make usage of remote resources on the internet more trustworthy and secure. The goal of NGI Assure is to support projects that design and engineer reusable building blocks for the Next Generation Internet as part of a complete, strong chain of assurances for all stakeholders regarding the source and integrity of identities, identifiers, data, cyber-physical systems, service components and processes.

Furthermore, contributions can be made to address underlying real-world challenges in deploying and validating such building blocks, such as energy efficiency and sustainability, scalability and throughput, security, privacy/confidentiality, plausible deniability, robustness and crypto-agility, side-channel resistance, interoperability, governance and compliance to regulatory frameworks – where needed to turn the above into reproducible and trustworthy end-to-end solutions that can withstand the hostile battle grounds of the modern internet.

The first call of NGI Assure will open up on December 1st 2020, with a deadline for submission of February 1st 2021 12:00 CET (noon).

The NGI ASSURE is led by 4 partners: Innovation Engineering (Italy), FundingBox Accelerator (Poland), FundingBox Communities (Spain), and NLnet Foundation (Netherlands).

NGI Assure coordinator: Valeria Marino <[email protected]>

Twitter: @NGIassure
LinkedIn: ngi-assure

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