NGI Contact Points

In Spring 2017 the Future Internet Forum (FIF) members were asked to nominate an “NGI Contact Point” in their member states and associated countries. An “NGI Contact Point” can be an organisation or an individual who shall help in reaching out to the right group of stakeholders, getting actors on board and exchanging information with the Future Internet Forum members and the European Commission regarding ongoing trends and topics in the field.

The NGI Contact Point acts as a link to the future key actors, i.e. high-tech start-ups and SMEs, young researchers and civil society, and raises awareness about the NGI initiative (and H2020 funding possibilities in the work programme 2018-2020), promotes it and builds and broadens an NGI ecosystem in their member states and associated countries. Equally, the NGI Contact Point feeds back input from those groups with a view to shaping the evolution of the NGI initiative. The NGI Contact Points are supported by the HUB4NGI project.

The nominated NGI Contact Points in the European Union member states and associated countries are as follows (also found on the NGI Map):

Contact 1
Contact 2
Contact 3
Austria David Kolman
FFG – Austrian Research Promotion Agency
Belgium Mr Philippe MASSONET
CETIC Charleroi
Philippe Thiran
Nico Deblauwe
Croatia Klasteri Konkurentnosti
Croatian Competitiveness Cluster of the ICT Industry
Czech Republic Jan Gruntorad
Finland Ülo Parts
Risto Lehtinen
France Pierre-Yves Danet
Images&Reseaux cluster
Manuella Portier
Cap Digital cluster


Prof. Dr. Thomas Magedanz
Fraunhofer FOKUS
Ireland Jim Clarke
Waterford Institute of Technology
Willie Donnelly
Waterford Institute of Technology
Patrick Neary
Communications, Climate Action & Environment
Latvia Prof. Guntis Barzdins
University of Latvia
Mr.Maris Vegeri
Luxembourg Guilloud Geraud
Younis Hijazi, PhD
Malta Claire Ciantar
Malta Communications Authority
Moldova – Republic of Moldova Dinu ȚURCANU
Technical University of Moldova
Irina Cojocaru
Information Society Development Institute
Montenegro Savo Tomović
University of Montenegro
Norway Pål S. Malm
The Research Council of Norway
Poland Bartosz Belter
Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC)
Tomasz Mazuryk
FundingBox Accelerator Ltd.
Portugal Pedro Matos
FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
Serbia (AC) Milan Dobrijevic
Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications
Irini Reljin
Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications
Sanja Jankovic
Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications
Slovenia Mr. Kory Golob
Ministry of Public Administration
Information Society Directorate
Spain José Tomás Romero
Jefe Departamento de Innovación
Sweden Rebecca Steinert
RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Per-Olof Sjöberg
RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Switzerland Francesco Kienzle
Peter Brönnimann
The State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI
Turkey Ezgi Bener
A. Mete Karaca
UK Jeni Tennison
ODI – Open Data Institute